Call for November Newsletter contributions

We look forward to receiving items any time before the 10 November 2016. Please see past newsletter for the range of sections to which ENIRDELM friends normally contribute and thanks, already, to those ‘early birds’ who have already sent in their contributions in the wake of the Jurmala Conference. I was happy to receive so many promises of copy from old and new friends to whom I spoke during the event on the Baltic coast. I hope to distribute the November edition to almost 300 on our mailing list on 14 November 2016.


Closing remarks by Signe

The 25th conference of ENIRDELM “Leading for Equity and Quality in Education” held in Jūrmala, Latvia September 15 – 17, is over now and lives only in our memories, photos, presentations, new cooperation and friendships. Educational leadership researchers, schools heads, consultants and local authority administrators from 14 European countries came to Jūrmala to share their experiences, good practice, research results, and ideas. I want to say many thanks to the staff of Jūrmala Art School who opened our imaginations to be creative and draw an “ENIRDELM 25” painting together. This tisigneme both keynotes were held by women: Prof. Tatjana Koke (Latvia) shared with us a very personal view concerning a career woman’s role in leadership. Susan Douglas (United Kingdom) outlined huge changes in English education which are supposed to lead to higher quality in education. All parallel sessions, as usual, tackled a great variety of questions relating to equity and quality from different points of view. This year, thanks the initiative by Rolands Ozols (Latvia) we risked introducing a new method in a plenary session – a circle panel discussion “When quality meets equity?” The main panellists were students from Jūrmala and Riga schools. It was fruitful to hear young people’s thoughts and responses on the main themes of the conference.
The conference ended in the Small Guild in Riga with songs of nations, dances and huge 25th birthday cake. I would like to say many thanks to all participants for contributing, discussing, active listening, sharing and involvement and to my team and all partners who made this conference happen!

Bravo Signe and the Conference Team!

Our departing Chairperson, Signe Neimane, marked the culmination of her leadership of the ENIRDELM Board by creating with her Latvian colleagues another highly professionally organised conference, our 25th, and also a very creative experience for the 90+ participants. As the previous item in this blog shows, we got to paint together for the first time. We also had lots of chance to interact with several young school and recently graduated Latvian students. First, they led us on a walkabout around Jurmala. Second,in a new activity – a ‘circle panel’ session – Rolands Ozols involved every participant in groups each with a student leading the discussion who then became a panel to report on their encounter with ENIRDELMers. The session explored the distinction between the conference themes: equality (sameness?) and equity (fairness?) and everyones’ notion of quality.

In another creative move, with the help of Board members Kristina and Tim the Board set up a new twitter account #enirdelm. Our November Newsletter (deadline for your contributions = 10.10.16) will offer more encouragement to strengthen our digital social networking. We said a grateful goodbye to Jukka Ahonen who left the Board after serving for a second term and welcomed Sebastjan Cagran, his replacement from Slovenia. Roman Dorczak issued an invitation to all old and new friends to join the 26th ENIRDELM conference in Krakow 14-17 September 2017 and showed a short film of the attractive former capital of Poland.  Finally, we ended the three enjoyable days in Latvia with our usual creative celebration of our diversity of national songs, drinks and dances in the magnificent and elegant historic Small Guild building in Old Riga. Bravo to all our Latvian friends for their warm and creative hospitality!


Greetings to all from Jurmala

paintingThe Jurmala Conference is in full swing and has been particularly creative as this collaborative painting made By the particpants shows. Latvia and Signe`s team are making yet another splendid experience´for friends from 16 countries who are exploring the theme of Educational Leadership for Equity and Quality. Thhe painting was equally created and you can judge the quality for yourselves!

Later today the new Board will be named and the next conference introduced before the final gala dinner and the usual ENIRDELM creative entertainment.

Jurmala Conference, September 15-17

Arrangements are now in place for the 25th annual ENIRDELM conference in Jurmala , Latvia thanks to Signe Neimane and her team. Late applications are still possible using the dedicated website

We anticipate another friendly and stimulating three days when old and new friends meet on the Baltic coast in the third vist of our network conference to Latvia, but the first time outside Riga. Sadly , our Turkish friends will be absent due the ban on leaving their country following the political upheaval. Their absence is an example of how our conference theme “Equity and Quality” is relevant to the current situation of leadership  and education in many different ways.

April 2016 Newsletter published

The latest 31-page ENIRDELM newsletter has now been circulated to 270 on our mailing list and placed on this website. Thanks to all our contributors. We have our usual updates on people and projects. Finland features prominently as do Pasi Sahlberg and Irmeli Halinen, who along with Markku Antinluoma our webmaster, Jukka Ahonen and Kauko Hämälainen, former Chairpersons and conference organisers are among the many long-term Finnish ENIRDELMers. Allan Hoyle, Gerald Dunning and Roman Dorczak provide Letters from the Regions and we have our usual array of useful hyperlinks to many sites of interest to educational leaders. There are only two editions per year (April and Novembers, so please enjoy and use this opportunity to keep up with our networking and news sharing. And do feel free to send, at any time, to the editors anything you think would interest your friends in ENIRDELM.

Time to send copy for the April Newsletter

The deadline for submitting items for the upcoming ENIRDELM April 2016 Newsletter is Friday 15 April in order to publish the Newsletter the following week. Please check previous newsletters on this website to see the categories to which you can contribute. We particularly welcome items about what is happening to our ENIRDELM friends, their publications and their projects. Please send your copy to:


2016 Conference website now opened

Signe our Chair and her team have now had created a new website dedicated to the September 25th ENIRDELM conference “Leading for Equity and Quality in Education” to be held in Jarmala, Latvia between 15 and 17 September.  The direct link to the conference website is:

The call for papers is already opened on the website along with other details about the conference with a deadline of 25 April. The full details of the programme will be added in May.

Successful February Board Meeting

The ENIRDELM Board met in Jarmala on 6 February to check arrangements for the September 2016 25th annual conference of our network. The locale, facilities and plans promise to maintain the usual high standards to which we have become accustomed over the last quarter of a century. We cordially invite old and new friends to join us on the coast of Latvia in the Jurmala Spa Hotel 15-17 September 2016. A dedicated website for the conference applications will soon be available (see above).