Call for Newsletter contributions

The publication deadline for the November 2018 ENIRDELM newsletter is 16th of November. I would appreciate contributions, not only from those already promised, but from all who have items of interest to the almost 300 educators around Europe on our mailing list. Please check former newsletters on this website to see the type of contributions that we are seeking. Many thanks, Karol Sadlier (VPS).




Dear fellow ENIRDELMers,

We would like to draw your attention to our 27th Annual ENIRDELM conference that will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia on the 19th -21st  of September, 2019.


Our theme this year is ‘WHAT ARE THE BIG QUESTIONS ABOUT SCHOOL LEADERSHIP?’. The conference will enable participants from all areas of education to meet and share their work in a supportive environment.


We hope to showcase learning in the following sub-topics:


  • How do school leaders cope with new social, economic and cultural contexts?
  • Can schools keep up with computers?
  • Does new findings on learning affect school leadership? How? Why? Why not?


Further information and application forms will be forwarded in February 2019.

Conference photos

Dear Enirdelm 2018 Participants,

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to meet you in Antwerp for the Enirdelm conference!

Looking back at the photo’s (click on the link) your memory will be awakened. We were wondering

  • what was the impact or influence of the conference theme ‘leadership in Emotion’ on you and your practice
  • what is your ‘golden’ advice for the organizers next year?

It would be so nice if you want to give us your opinion (click on the link).

Thank you very much!

Call for paper ENIRDELM 2018 extended

Call for Papers for the 27th ENIRDELM Conference is extended until June 1st.

  • Individual paper proposals
    Accepted proposals will be assigned to multiple paper sessions, each presenter having 15 minutes for presentation followed by 10 minute discussion.
  • Workshop proposals
    We wish to make our conference a real place to exchange ideas and experiences in a creative way. We therefore offer the opportunity to propose and run a 60 or 90 minute workshop to discuss on-going research in an open way and to share best practice and experience, etc.

You can still send in your proposal. They must be submitted by email . For more information seethe Conference website 

April 2018 Newsletter published

Dear fellow Enirdelmers, the latest Spring Newsletter was published.

This issue covers:

1. A word from Kristin Vanlom-

2. Life After Enirdelm

3. Thrive and Meaning-wellbeing at Frederik II upper secondary school

4. ENIRDELM collaboration on devel- oping moral leadership in students

5. Conference opportunity

5. Assessment approaches in Junior Cycle from a Children’s Rights perspective



2018 ENIRDELM conference website now available


is the dedicated website for the call for papers and for registration for the 13-15 September 2018 27th ENIRDELM conference to be held in Antwerp, Belgium. Thanks to Kristin Vanlommel and her conference team for an attractive site that will be expanded as final details of the conference programme and keynote speakers emerge. We look forward to receiving your proposals for contributions to the conference theme:

Leadership in Emotion


Dear fellow ENIRDELMers,

We hope that you are all well and looking forward to a restful and relaxing Easter. We would like to draw your attention to our call for papers. As you all know our 26th Annual ENIRDELM conference will take place in Kraków, Poland on the 14th -16th of September, 2017. Our theme this year is ‘Leading and Managing for Development’. The conference will enable participants from all areas of education to meet and share their work in a supportive environment. We hope to showcase learning in the following sub-topics:

  • Understanding educational development in your country, region or school.
  • What the development set out to achieve?
  • How the development played out at different levels (individual, group,   organizational, social, global, etc.).
  • Collaboration between different stakeholders to ensure development.
  • Changing understanding of development in our different contexts.
  • Development and its relation to teaching and learning.
  • Factors contributing to development of students.
  • Leading for development in its different dimensions.

We want to present the possibility for everyone to share their own learning in this area, therefore the sub-topics are indicative, not prescriptive. If you are interested, you can tailor your topic based on the conference theme.  For some practical information on the different types of proposals click here

 To make an online proposal:
1. Read the guidelines which should be used in preparing the papers.
2. Open the online form and submit details with your manuscript.