November 2017 Newsletter published

On 16 November the latest Newsletter was distributed to almost 300 colleagues and friends on the ENIRDELM mailing list and placed on this website. It is the last ENIRDELM Newsletter under the editorship of David Oldroyd who hands over his Voluntary Permanent Secretary and Editor role to Karol Sadleir after his 27 years of ENIRDELM activity.  He is grateful to all the self-motivating ENIRDELMers from around the world who have contributed their time and warm friendships over these many years to the cause of improving educational leadership, research and development and building bridges across Europe. May the solidarity and success of the friendly professional network be long sustained!


Call for Newsletter contributions

The publication deadline for the November 2017 ENIRDELM newsletter is 15 November. This will be the final newsletter that I will be editing and I would appreciate contributions, not only those already promised, but from all who have items of interest to the almost 300 educators around Europe on our mailing list. Please check former newsletters on this website to see the type of contributions that we are seeking. Future newsletters will be edited by Karol Sadleir who succeeded me as Voluntary Permanent Secretary after the Krakow Conference in September.

Fons van Wieringen

It is with great sadness that we announce the death in September 2017 of the founder of ENIRDELM, Fons van Wieringen. While professor at the University of Amsterdam in 1991, Fons took the initiative at an ESHA educational congress in Utrecht, to form and lead the first ENIRDELM Board comprising Danuta Elsner (Poland), David Oldroyd (then UK), Christen Jordet (Norway) and Rosa Lafitte (Spain) with a view to establishing a network to bring together educational leadership professionals from across Europe. This was shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall.  It was Fons’ visonary way to build bridges between East and West Europe. An obituary will placed in the the forthcoming ENIRDELM newsletter to be published mid-November.

2017 ENIRDELM conference website now available

is the dedicated website for the call for papers and for registration for the 14-17 September 2017 26th ENIRDELM conference to be held in Krakow, Poland. Thanks to Roman Dorczak and his conference team for an attractive site that will be expanded as final details of the conference programme and keynote speakers emerge. We look forward to receiving your proposals for contributions to the conference theme:

“Leading and Managing for Development”

February 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

Our self-regulating voluntary self-funding network prides itself on making its procedures transparent and thus our Board minutes are published for all to see. The latest minutes of the  meeting to plan the 2017 conference in Krakow are now available on this website.

February Board Meeting

The ENIRDELM Board is meeting in Krakow 3-4 February to see the venue and plan the detailed programme for the September 14-16 conference in the historic Polish former capital city. The Board will also monitor other networking and outreach activity based on a report from the Voluntary Permanent Secretary.

Deadline for Conference Proceedings

Our Latvian colleagues Signe and Ilze have kindly agreed to extend the deadline for submission of papers to be considered for the Proceedings of the Jurmala Conference. The new and final date is now 20 December 2016. As is our normal practice, our friends in Latvia hope to have the new publication ready in time for the next ENIRDELM Conference, our 26th, to be held in Krakow 14 to 17 September 2017.

November newsletter published

Thanks to a record number of contributions from ENIRDELMers, several of them newcomers, we have now published our fullest newsletter to keep our networking active between conferences. This particular edition features responses to the surprising political events of 2016 which has not been the best of years for the values of folks who generally favour an open and democratic diverse but cooperative approach to living and working together.The next newsletter will be published in April 2017 by which time we shall see how the changes in the complexion of our polictical systems are progressing.

Largest yet Newsletter coming!

Boosted by the success of the Jurmala 25th ENIRDELM Conference in Latvia, not to mention unexpected events in Europe and around the world in the last six months, we have the largest yet bi-annual newsletter almost ready for publication on 14 November. Several newcomers to our network have made contributions, and implications of Brexit and the US election are featured along with updates on ENIRDELM friends and reports from several countries. There is still time to send in further items to continue building our community and sharing our professional interests.

Call for November Newsletter contributions

We look forward to receiving items any time before the 10 November 2016. Please see past newsletter for the range of sections to which ENIRDELM friends normally contribute and thanks, already, to those ‘early birds’ who have already sent in their contributions in the wake of the Jurmala Conference. I was happy to receive so many promises of copy from old and new friends to whom I spoke during the event on the Baltic coast. I hope to distribute the November edition to almost 300 on our mailing list on 14 November 2016.