Five turn-off words British men and women don’t want to hear on a first date

Mentioning your mum or dad on a first date could scupper your chances of ­finding love, a survey found.

But while a third of men say hearing their date talk about her mother would be a turn-off, only one in five women would hate to be told about his dad.

The biggest mood killer for both sexes is the word “moist” – with half of women and four in 10 men saying it would spoil a romantic evening.

Singletons need to choose their words ­carefully, according to dating experts, who quizzed thousands of people looking for love to find out which words were the biggest turn-offs.

More than one in five women said they would run for the exit if they heard the word “slapper”, while others said using the word “sloppy”would be a slip-up and a small percentage did not want to hear their date say “sorry”.

More than a tenth of men were against hearing the word “limp”, which came third on the list of things to avoid.

And a tenth said they would also be put off by the word “small”, while almost one in 20 would be unsympathetic to hearing the word “headache”. asked more than 3,000 members which words turned them off on a first date.

David Minns, from the sex and hook-up site, said: “Moist is hated by everyone, regardless of gender.

In fact, it has often been cited as the least popular word in the English language so is best avoided.

“It’s obviously a recipe for disaster on a first date, along with mentioning parents – which is a definite no-no.”

Words men don’t want to hear
Moist – 40 per cent

Mum – 32 per cent

Limp – 15 per cent

Small – 9 per cent

Headache – 4 per cent

Words women don’t want to hear
Moist – 52 per cent

Slapper – 22 per cent

Dad – 19 per cent

Sloppy – 5 per cent

Sorry – 5 per cent