Fons van Wieringen

It is with great sadness that we announce the death in September 2017 of the founder of ENIRDELM, Fons van Wieringen. While professor at the University of Amsterdam in 1991, Fons took the initiative at an ESHA educational congress in Utrecht, to form and lead the first ENIRDELM Board comprising Danuta Elsner (Poland), David Oldroyd (then UK), Christen Jordet (Norway) and Rosa Lafitte (Spain) with a view to establishing a network to bring together educational leadership professionals from across Europe. This was shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall.  It was Fons’ visonary way to build bridges between East and West Europe. An obituary will placed in the the forthcoming ENIRDELM newsletter to be published mid-November.


One thought on “Fons van Wieringen

  1. Deeply touched by the announcement of this news about Fons. Will always remember him and keep the best memories of what he established among European countries on Educational Management.


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