October 2015 Matters

Following the very successful 24th Annual Conference in Malahide, we are preparing the November 2015 ENIRDELM Newsletter (deadline for copy is 10 November). Our mailing list is now approaching 300 with the latest new participants inserted and other addresses updated by Rosemary Cadwell of the Conference Committee. Anyone who wishes to add their contribution to the next issue of the newsletter is warmly invited to send copy to d.oldroyd@wp.pl

A reminder of the sections:

  • What’s happening to..?                                                                                            
  • What’s happening in..?                      
  • ENIRDELM Project Updates                                                              
  • Interesting Web-sites                                                                                    
  • Feature Articles                                                                                             
  • Recent Publications by ENIRDELM Friends                                      
  • Book & Online publications Reviews                                                                        
  • ENIRDELM Matters                                                                                       
  • Profiles of Educational Leadership Institutions and Networks                    
  • Forthcoming events
  • Educational and leadership humour 

If you wish to be removed from our mailing list, please let me know.


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