ENIRDELM Conference Proceedings and other books

Our self-funding network has been highly productive since its foundation in 1991.  Most of our annual conferences have been followed by the publication of proceedings related to the conference theme, giving an opportunity for a wider audience to access the wide range of papers written by participants from all over Europe and sometimes beyond. Our books are listed below.

ENIRDELM Members’ Publications

Each twice-yearly issue of the ENIRDELM Newsletter offers the opportunity for members to announce, or place reviews of, their recent publications (in local languages or English) that may be of interest to others in our network.

Links to Journals and Institutional websites

ENIRDELM members can place links to professional journals in which they are involved and to their institutional websites in the ENIRDELM newsletter to share with a wider audience. Contact the Newsletter Editor or the Secretariat.


 1992 Training for Educational Management in Europe

van Wieringen, F, ed. ABC, De Lier 

1993 Educational Management across Europe

Bolam, R and van Wieringen, eds. ABC, De Lier 

1994 European Issues in Educational Management

Oldroyd, D and van Wieringen, F, eds. ABC, De Lier 

1995 Reforming Educational Management in Europe

Hamalainen, K and van Wieringen, F, eds. ABC, De Lier 

1996 Improving Educational Management

Kalous, J and van Wieringen, F, eds. ABC, De Lier 

 1999 Research on Educational Management in Europe [Research Report]

Bolam, R and van Wieringen, F, eds. F.Waxmann: Munchen/New York 

2000 New Heads in Europe [Research Report] Bolam, R., Dunning, G and Karstanje, P, eds. F.Waxmann: Munchen/New York

2000 Quality and Educational Management: a European Issue

Balazs, E., van Wieringen, F and Watson, L, eds. Wolters Kluwer, Budapest 

2002 Leading Schools for Learning

Oldroyd, D., ed. National School of Management, Ljubljana 

2002 Developing Caring Learning Communities: Challenges for School Leaders in Learning Communities Kelleher, A and Diggins, P. eds. Drumcondra and Kildare Education Centres, Ireland

2003 Leading Schools with a Global Perspective

Ivanova, I, ed. University of Latvia, Riga

2004 Leadership and School Culture – Opportunities and Challenges

Jukka Ahonen, ed. City of Helsinki Education Department, Finland

2005 Dealing with Diversity: a Key Issue for Educational Management

Milan Pol, ed. Masaryk University, Brno

2005 Evaluation for Improving School Leaders’ Training Programmes (ESIST) [Research Report] Socrates – Comenius

Justina Erculj, Anita Trnavcevic, Paul Mahieu, Milan Pol, Eric Verbiest, Dorota Ekiert-Oldroyd, Kristina Malmberg and Milos Novak.

2006 Leading a Learning Organisation: Lessons from the Past; Visions for the Future

Gerald Dunning, ed. University of Glamorgan, Wales

2007 Education with a Moral Purpose: Educational Leadership, Management and Governance for a Sustainable Future

Per Hansson & Kristina Malmberg, eds. Uppsala University, Sweden

2010 Ways to Professionalise School Leadership in times of turbulence and complexity Mahieu, P. ed. Garant Publishers, Antwerp

2011 Does Leadership Matter? Implications for Leadership Development and the School as a Learning Organisation

Barath, T and Szabo, M, eds. HUNSEM/Nemezeti Tankonivkaido, Szeged, Hungary

2012 Education and Practice of School Leaders: The Ethical Dimension

 Steinunn Helga Lárusdóttir, Ólafur H. Jóhansson, Börkur Hansen, University of Iceland

2013 Educational Leaders as Change Agents; Meeting and uncertain future

Muall Aksu, Ali Sabanci and Turkan Aksu, Akdeniz University, Antalya, Turkey

 2014 Leadership in Education Special Issue [Vodenje v vzgoji in izobrazenju]

Mateja Brejc and Andrej Koren, National School for Leadership in Education, Slovenia

2015 Leading Future-Focused Education and Learning for All

Tim Hurley, ed. Drumcondra Education Centre, Dublin, Ireland

2016 Leading for Equity and Quality in Education

Ilze Ivanova & Signe Neimane, eds. University of Latvia & Riga City Education & Information Services, Latvia



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