ENIRDELM Board Protocols

Board Membership:

The Board will consist of 5 ‘rotating’ members including the Chair (who organises the next conference) approved by the membership at the annual meeting Membership will be of 3 or 4 years’ duration on a rolling basis.

  1.  New members will have the capacity and commitment to organise a future conference as well as to communicate on Skype with fellow-Board members.
  2. Overall Board membership should seek to be representative of the gender, professional role, age and geographical profile of the ENIRDELM Community.
  3. At the annual conference, the longest serving member will retire and be replaced by a new member, nominated by the Board and agreed by the Conference membership. New Board members will ideally have been involved with ENIRDELM over a number of years.
  4. In the event of a board member’s retirement between conferences, the Board shall co-opt a replacement for the remainder of the year, this co-option to be ratified by the membership at the next annual conference.
  5. Where the Board Member who is the Conference Organiser for a particular year is not attached to an Education Institution, then the Board has the authority to co-opt to the Board, from such an institution (which is involved in the organisation and delivery of the conference), a temporary “Conference Member”, for the duration of the business of that conference. This Conference Member will act as a full member of the Board in all matters pertaining to that conference. The Conference Member will, however, have no role or standing in any other Board matters during the period of their Board membership.

Board Functions:

To support the Chair in making strategic decisions relating to ENIRDELM.

  1. To support the Chair in organising an annual ENIRDELM conference.
  2. To nominate new Board members for ratification by the membership at the annual conference.
  3. To work to develop the future ENIRDELM strategy as agreed by the ENIRDELM membership.
  4. To support and advise the Secretariat (Voluntary Permanent Secretary; Webmaster; Newsletter Editor; Project Leaders) in:
  • recruiting for and maintaining a mailing list of existing and new members;
  • developing & contributing to the Website and Twitter account;
  • writing & finding material for the Newsletter;
  • fund-raising and bids for projects.

The Voluntary Permanent Secretary joins Board Meetings (either face-to-face or on Skype) to take minutes and also supports the Board in fulfilling the above functions by providing continuity, documentation and editing.


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