Board minutes 2016

September 2016 ENIRDELM Board Minutes

ENIRDELM BOARD Meeting 1, 0830, Room 601 Jurmala Spa Hotel, Jurmala, Latvia,15.09.2016,

Present: Signe Neimane (Chair); Roman Dorczak; Jukka Ahonen; Tim Hurley; Kristin Vanlommel; David Oldroyd (VPS)

Welcome – Signe welcomed the full Board to the conference & meeting

Conference matters
 2.1 Conference Booklet – description of the Board’s work was included (p.3-4) specifying that the Board is charged with nominating the new Board Member. The Board commended Signe and her team for the excellent quality of the booklet.
2.2 New Board Member Proposals – the Board has the task of nominating one person after sounding out potential candidates. Three suggested people to contact were proposed and their institutions checked on-line. Signe will contact the proposed people and the feasibility of their institutions for organising a future conference according to a priority list. Approaches for two or three years ahead were suggested.
3. VPS Report & Strategic Review
3.1 Mailing list was used prior to the conference to remind ENIRDELMers about the conference and 20 replies were received. Signe will add the new members after the conference and send the electronic version to David.
3.2 Newsletter – personal reminders to specific potential contributors are important. David will encourage contributors at the Annual meeting to make or provide inputs to the November Newsletter, emphasising reports of special interest as well as country and personal matters. David will ask Vesna for some biographical information as the first participant from Croatia.
3.3 Website – photos will be added to make the website more visual. Signe will coordinate with Markku.
3.4 Twitter for ENIRDELM – tweeting has to be done by one person. Kristin volunteered to set up and manage an ENIRDELM account for all participants to give feedback about the conference and announce it on Friday morning. A photo was taken and will be added to the twitter site.
3.5 VPS succession – Tim will talk to an English native speaking colleague about possible induction into future voluntary role.
3.6 Strategic Review (based on the VPS report headings from Reykjavik)
Practitioners from Latvia are well represented and from Norway but from other countries it is a difficult time of the year to get away and to gain funding, particularly when under-pressure school budgets have to be used to pay for conference expenses. It is easier to attract doctoral students who are practitioners and can be funded by universities, for example in Poland – OSKKO (School Heads Association). The use of interpreters was discussed.
Policy-makers – none from Ministries will attend the Jurmala event. There is a rapid change-over of Ministerial staff. Several local authority administrators are at the conference, however.
PhD students – the web-site needs to be angled more to PhD students. Jukka will discuss this with Markku and Atso and see if the website can be augmented. Also the Newsletter could have a section for PhD students’ news to keep them attached to ENIRDELM. Kristin will discuss this with the PhD students at their Thursday meeting and make a small data-base to keep in touch with them (congratulatory cards, invitation to present paper, announcement of their graduation, etc.) Jukka & Tim will contact those who were present in Helsinki & Ireland and give Kristin the contacts to add to the data-base.
Widening our contacts – Jukka argued that we need to become more pro-active in collaborating with other organisations. We are open to liaising with Andy Hargreaves & Pasi Sahlberg’s “Atlantic Rim Collaboratory” initiative whose aims and values overlap with ENIRDELM’s and with Stephen Murgatroyd’s “9 Billion Lives” venture capital initiative in Canada which may focus on education.
Practitioner keynotes – Susan Douglas is a practitioner presenter at this conference as former school principal now at the British Council.
School student participants – our present conference will innovate with student dialogue at the circle panel discussion.
Next Conference
Roman proposed Thurs 14 to 16 Sept. 2017 for the Krakow Conference. He is organising the event in partnership with the Polish Association of Heads whose large educational congress (900 participants) will immediately follow our conference. This will allow more practitioners to join us and perhaps prepare workshops. The location is already secured 15 mins. outside Krakow, but other options are still being investigated. The City of Krakow is also a partner. Jagiellonian University has had staff changes (including Roman himself) but will still support our conference by giving access to the university museum and the ancient Collegium Maiaus for the opening ceremony, where Copernicus studied.
Next Board Meetings
1700-1730 Saturday 17 Sept., post-conference debriefing.
Noon Friday to Saturday, 3-4 February in Krakow – accommodation in the University guest rooms on Grodska Street in the centre of the Old Town (Stary Miasto).
David Oldroyd, VPS, Jurmala, 15.09.2016
ENIRDELM Board Meeting 2, Jurmala, 1500-1530, 17 September 2016

Present: Chair Roman Dorczak; Kristin Vanlommel; Signe Neimane; Tim Hurley; Sebastjan Cagran; David Oldroyd (VPS)

Roman welcomed Sebastjan Cagran, the new Board member.

Roman summarised the plan for the next conference in  Krakow.
Signe will send information to the website about the conference to be placed by Markku on the website for the month of October and Tim a piece on Ireland for November. Updating fortnightly is desirable. Kristin will try to do this, e.g. using material from the newsletter.
David will edit out the “What’s Happening to…” section when the newsletter it is placed on the website, as that section has personal information.
David will e-mail all members about the new twitter address.
Members seeking international cooperation on projects can use the twitter address or Linked-In. Sebastjan will look at creating a Linked-In ENIRDELM platform.
Tim reported that Karol from Ireland has agreed to work with David as a native speaker willing to be inducted into the role of VPS in future years. She will contact David soon.
Sebastjan offered to liaise with Markku and to use his web designer colleague to get advice about making the ENIRDELM website more attractive.
David Oldroyd, VPS, 17.09.16

Jurmala, Latvia – February 6, 2016
Present: Signe Neimane (Chair); Tim Hurley; Jukka Ahonen; Kristin Vanlommel, Roman Dorzcak; Latvian organisational committee: Ilze Ivanova and Ivars Balamovskis

a. Call for papers – the registration opens on 15th February and closes on April 25th.
b. Keynote speakers –
• Susan Douglas( British Council ) will talk how to lead equity in education. She will be a speaker of the second
• Prof. Tatjana Koķe (Latvia, Stradins University) will present leading for quality in education in the opening of the conference.
• Daniels Pavļuts (Latvia) is asked to be the third keynote speaker but has not given a positive answer yet
Profile of keynote speakers is published on the conference website, keynote abstracts to be added as soon as they are ready
c. Accommodation – Jurmala Spa Hotel. All information is on the conference website and participants have to contact the hotel directly to make their reservations.
d. Conference Registration fee is set to be 270 EURO for early birds. Early birds registration starts on April 25 and runs till July 10. Afterwards the conference registration fee will be 300 EURO.
e. PhD students seminar – Ilze and her colleagues from University of Latvia will think over the content of the seminar and will come with some suggestions. It is up to organisational committee to calculate if some reductions of the registration fee is possible for PhD students.
f. Field visits – participants will have to choose between three institutions: University of Latvia (Faculty of Education, Psychology and Arts), Riga English Grammar School and Jurmala pre-school “Austras koks”
g. Excursions – on Friday evening a possibility to join excursion on foot along Jurmala. On Sunday a full day excursion is planned to the West part of Latvia.
h. Organisers – Five institutions have agreed to work together on management of Conference: Education and Information Services of Riga City, Jurmala City Council, University of Latvia, Education, Culture and Sports Department of Riga City Council, British Council Latvia
25 years of ENIRDELM history

It is agreed that the deadline for 4 past conference organisers to do a 2 page draft is March 1. Signe will inform Mateja. Drafts should be sent to David.
Board election process
The election process will be outlined in the conference booklet and clarified in the beginning of the conference.

Signe Neimane February 6, 2016