DELECA: DEveloping LEadership CApacity

DELECA: DEveloping LEadership CApacity for data-informed school improvement.

The DELECA-PROJECT aims to develop school leadership capacity for evidence-informed school improvement. Its objectives are:

To develop a training program for school leaders focused on data-driven school development.

(a) to offer an overview/knowledge of the main sources of the data useful for improvement of student learning and school development; (b) to develop competence to understand such data; (c) to develop complex competence to apply these data to their schools’ development.

To develop an implementation strategy for the program.

Partners in the project are ENIRDELM colleagues from:

National School for Leadership in Education Slovenia (coordinator) (Justina Erculj, Andrej Savarin)

  • University of Antwerp, Belgium (Paul Mahieu, Kristin Vanlommel, Eric Verbiest)
    • Masaryk University, Faculty of Arts, Brno, Czech Republic (Mirka Bohumira, Milan Pol)
    • Education and Information Centre of Riga City, Latvia (Signe Neimane, Agnis Gleizups)
    • Uppsala University, Centre for Educational Management, Sweden (Kristina Malmberg, Torbjörn Hortlund)

More detail can be found in the November 2014 ENIRDELM Newsletter.



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