Club of Reykjavik

ENIRDELM’s Educational Leadership for Sustainable Development (EL4SD) research, initiated at the 2008 Bergen conference, confirmed that school leaders across the 14 countries surveyed were not much engaged with deeper issues relating to a sustainable global future. This remains true of the population at large. Debt-based credit, resource depletion, environmental impact & global system-overload due to unsustainable exponential growth rates are becoming increasingly evident ‘wicked problems’. In Reykjavik, an on-line and occasionally face-to-face “Club of Reykjavik” forum was initiated, a CoRk wikispace was created and an international Symposium organised in June 2012 in Silesia, Poland. This sharing of multiple perspectives on the future in out uncertain times has evolved into the CASE initiative. CoRk has now evolved into CASE (see below).

 Community Action for Spaceship Earth (CASE) Initiative

 This project was initiated at a workshop at the Portoroz Conference in 2013. The international project is targeted on educational leaders (institutional leaders, teachers and their developers) to promote community action by students in schools and higher education that will lead to address the widespread passivity about urgent global existential problems facing the coming generation.  We use the metaphor “Spaceship Earth” to emphasize the finite nature of our planetary home whose capacity to support the well-being of the ‘crew’ is now being overshot. A weblog and resource platform has developed substantially since January 2014. It offers access to a rich variety of links to resources –

At each annual conference a CASE workshop has been run to arouse interest and seek cooperation in promoting the aims of the initiative set out on the above link. Anyone interested in contributing to the open source website can enrol as a user by contacting


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